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Officially Licensed Western Carolina University Nylon Hammock

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Life is hard.

Work, relationships, finances, and sometimes friendships are difficult. It's why we live in a world where our escape is a $9 dollar-a-month subscription service that lets us binge watch a gazillion shows between Friday evening and Monday morning, all in hopes that we'll forget about our miserable existence for a little while. 

When did we get this way? When did we forget how to relax, how to chill out and just breathe? When did getting out into real nature take a back seat to watching reality television

That's why Blue Ridge Hammock Company does what we do. We want you to get out there and take in the smell of fresh cut grass, evergreen trees, or the salt in the ocean breeze. We want you to hear the waves crashing, the wind blowing through the forest, and birds whistling in a language you can't understand but love nonetheless.

Officially Licensed Hammocks from Blue Ridge Hammock Company are designed to give you maximum relaxability whether you're backpacking, camping, heading to the beach, or just out for a hike. They are your new escape, your new getaway from the stress life throws your way. And while you're out there enjoying the real world, our industry first collegiate logo on the bag lets you show off your team pride to the wildlife or any passersby.

Life is hard. Do yourself a favor and hang out a while. You deserve it.

In case you're the type who likes specs, here they are:

  • Lightweight-only 13 ounces so it's perfect for backpacking, hiking, or a trip to the beach.
  • Extra large-these hammocks are the happy medium between single hammock and double hammock sizes to give you the ultimate in hammocking comfort.
  • Our durable fabric and high-strength carabiners can hold up to 400 lbs. 
  • Team logo prominently sewn into the front of the bag so you can show off your team pride for years to come.
  • Easy setup has you hanging out in minutes. 
  • Don't forget the cup holder. Our hammocks are the first in the world to have an integrated beverage holder pocket sewn right into the bag so you won't spill your drink while you're hanging around.