About Us


I grew up on the border of North Georgia and Southeastern Tennessee. We lived on a small mountain that overlooked the foothills rolling up to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachia. 

My parents still have that house and every time I visit, I look out at the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance where Big Frog Mountain and Fort Mountain rise up from the plains and rolling hills. 

What is it about the mountains? 

I've always felt as if they called to me, begging me to come home like a long lost child. 

Maybe it's that in the mountains, we are closer to both the nature on earth and the rest of the universe. I'm not sure. 

What I do know is that I always feel at peace when I'm there. 

We want people who love the outdoors to feel the same way. That's why we make hammocks. 

There's hardly a better way to achieve max relaxation than hanging in a hammock in the mountains. It doesn't have to be the Blue Ridge Mountains. Any mountain will do. 

That's why we chose the name Blue Ridge Hammock Company. Blue Ridge embodies the lifestyle we feel embodies us.

So grab a hammock and join us. There's always room for one more. All you have to do is find your mountain.

Ernie Dempsey 



Blue Ridge Hammock Company is based at the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the only city in America to win Outside Magazine's "Best Town Ever" award twice! We also have offices in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the best kept secrets in the outdoor world.